Charitable Carbs

Charitable Carbs


We’re very excited to return to the markets this coming weekend for two reasons: a) we’ve missed your faces and b) it’s the kickoff to our Comfort Carbs program. For every market we attend, we'll be donating 10 percent of our sales to a local nonprofit to give back to our community. 


We've selected TevaLand Sanctuary Farm, a nonprofit animal sanctuary located in the Ramapo Mountains of Rockland County, as our first donation. I had the privilege of speaking with the founder and executive director, Taly Ron, who along with her husband runs this sanctuary.


“It’s a very Israeli thing to do. You throw the bag over the fence and figure out how to get over later,” Taly remarked on starting her organization. She didn’t originally set out to build a sanctuary, but when the 2008 recession hit Hillburn, NY, a rural area of Rockland County, a lot of farms went under—leaving a mess of abandoned farm animals. So, she and her husband (who met while serving in the Israeli army) started to transform the 16 acres of land they owned into a sanctuary—rescuing neglected or abused animals, rehabilitating them and giving them a forever home. More than a decade later, her animal rescue operation has grown to over 150 animals (or “kids” as she lovingly refers to them) and she’s introduced educational and therapeutic programs for students with special needs.


Birdie’s Batch’s donation will go toward buying hay for the animals since inflation has increased the price of hay barrels from $6 to $8; however, the sanctuary could use other donations as well.


How you can help:

1.) Come support TevaLand by buying your favorite Birdie jam or baked goods this weekend in Tarrytown (9/12) at the Tarrytown Recreation Center Parking Lot or in Piermont in the library parking lot (9/13).

2.) Birdie’s Batch will be collecting the following supplies for TevaLand. If all our customers could donate one roll of paper towels, that would help them tremendously:

- Paper towels

- Towels

- Blankets

- Wet and/or dry cat food


We'd love to hear from you in regards to other organizations that could use our help. Please email us recommendations!

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