The Ultimate Chocolate Chip  Cookie Throwdown

The Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie Throwdown

Working with my mom is, like, 98 percent great. It starts to turn sour when the subject of chocolate chip cookies comes up. While I’m quite proud of my creation—the Mega Chocolate Chip Cookie—she still swoons for her version—a cakey, subtly sweet cookie. So instead of us continuing to debate who makes the better cookie, we’re leaving it up to our customers.


We’ve bundled both of our cookies, and made them available on our website to purchase. Cast your vote for the “Mega” or the “Momma” on Instagram or Facebook @birdiesbatch. We’ll be continuing this throwdown at our next farmers markets on June 5 (Tarrytown) and June 6 (Piermont) where you’ll be able to purchase these cookies and vote in person, as well. The winning cookie will be announced by July 4, and one victorious baker will get…bragging rights. And as a thank-you for getting in the middle of our family feud, we’ll have freebies of the winning cookie at our July 10 (Tarrytown) and July 11 (Piermont) markets.


May the odds be ever in my favor,

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